Adult Golf Programs & Classes at Camas Meadows

Camas Meadows is offering a full pathway to golf for Ladies and Men! Similar to years past, there are Ladies specific classes, and we are thrilled to announce the addition of Co-Ed programs! Finding your starting place or program options is quite easy - follow our Program Pathway Guide below to see all available classes and what will fit your experience and goals best. After that, check below for all program information from our 3 Programs, "Ladies Get Golf Ready", "Play. Better. Golf. (Ladies + Co-Ed)" and the "Play. Better. Golf II (Ladies + Co-ed)".

Any questions? Contact Camas Meadows Teaching Professionals, Chris Garrison, PGA and Bryce Poulin, PGA Apprentice.

Adult Programs

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  Get Golf Ready & Play. Better. Golf!

Interested in scheduling a "private" class for your group of friends, corporate office, birthday party, family or other occasion?

With professional instruction, range balls, equipment, and your own privately scheduled class...we make it easy for you and your group to enjoy golf more! Click Here For More Info.

Adult Programs

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2017 Sign-up Begins
February 1st 2017

Camas Meadows | Programs & Clinics

•  Ladies - Get Golf Ready (3 Weeks)

•  Co-Ed - Play. Better. Golf (4 Weeks)

•  Co-Ed - Play. Better. Golf II (3 Weeks)

•  Daily Clinics (1 Day Sign-ups)

Ladies - Get Golf Ready - $69

Your Goal:

"I want to have fun & give golf a try!"

"I used to play and want to give golf another shot"

Program Info:

3 weeks - 1 hour per week

For Beginner to Intermediate golfers

Programs Offered: March - September

Ladies Only

Class Time: Monday's at 5:30-6:30pm


Ladies - Get Golf Ready is your perfect start to give golf a try! 3 weeks covers full swing, short game and an introduction to on-course play! Fun, casual and social! Let us give you a great start into the game of golf!

For golfers who... are curious about the game, want to give it a try, used to play in the past, want to try golf with a friend, and want to meet new people and golfers!

Session Dates

Ladies - Get Golf Ready | Monday at 5:30-6:30pm

•  February 27 - March 13  

•  April 3 - April 17  

•  May 8 - May 22  

•  June 5 - June 19  

•  July 10 - July 24  

•  August 7 - August 21  

•  September 11 - September 25  

Play. Better. Golf. - $109

Your Goal:

"I want to improve my game"

"I want to learn how to train and practice with purpose"

"I want to play better on the course"

Program Info:

4 weeks - 1 hour per week

2 Class Options: Ladies ONLY & Co-Ed

For Beginner to Intermediate golfers

Class Size: 7:1 Student to Instructor Ratio

Programs Offered: March - September

Class Time:

Ladies: Monday's at 6:30-7:30pm

Co-Ed: Thursday Evenings


Play. Better. Golf. is your perfect place to better golf. Our 4 classes cover our 4 Pillars of Learning: Ball Flight (Full Swing), Shortgame, Purposeful Practice, and On-Course Comfort. Play. Better. Golf. provides a combination of range based activities with on-course training to improve "play". We have a plan to learn, to train, and ultimately to improve your game! Join us for our Ladies-only and Co-Ed programs to Play. Better. Golf!

Session Dates

Ladies ONLY | Monday at 6:30-7:30pm

•  February 27 - March 20  

•  April 3 - April 24  

•  May 8 - May 29  

•  June 5 - June 26  

•  July 10 - July 31  

•  August 7 - August 28  

•  September 11 - October 2  

Co-Ed | Thursday Evenings
Click on class to view exact class times.

•  March 2 - March 23  

•  April 6 - April 27  

•  May 11 - June 1  

•  June 8 - June 29  

•  July 13 - August 3  

•  August 10 - August 31  

Play. Better. Golf! II - $129

Your Goal:

"I want to focus on particular areas of my game"

"I am committed to improving"

"I want to perform on the golf course!"

Program Info:

Ladies & Men (1 Class)

3 weeks - 1 hour per week

Team Approach of PGA Professionals and area leaders to provide the utmost specialized knowledge.

Class Size: 5:1 Student to Instructor Ratio

Programs Offered: June - September

Class Time:

Ladies & Men:


Play. Better. Golf! II is for the established golfer to enhance their on-course performance through an Academy style of coaches and instructors. We focus on the individual's golf goals and mission, by blending principles with your personal preferences. Each month's program is unique and provides new learning objectives with our specialized Academy team. Let the Camas Meadows Performance Academy improve your play & execution on the golf course!

Our Team:

The Performance Academy Team includes: Chris Garrison, PGA (Shortgame Specialist), Bryce Poulin, PGA Apprentice (Technology Lead), Bob Duncan, PGA (GPS On-Course Training Founder & Master Clubfitter), Lindsy Palisca (PT, DPT Physical Therapist), and more!

For golfers who... want to have specialized training, want to perform great on the golf course, enjoy playing at new courses, and are committed to improving!

Session Dates

Camas Meadows Performance Academy
Ladies & Men

•  June 9 - June 23 (Fri. at 5:30pm)  

•  July 13 - July 27 (Thurs. at 6:45pm)  

•  August 10 - August 24 (Thurs. at 6:45pm)  

•  September 20 - October 4 (Wed. at 6:00pm)  

Daily Clinics - $30 per clinic

Overview: Single day clinics from our PGA Pros on various specialized topics! Join us for lessons on short game, practice routines, on-course strategy, recovery shots, driver efficiency, reading greens & more! Sign-up below to reserve your spot!


Clinic Time: Based on # of Participants

Need at least 2 players to conduct a Daily Clinic

2 Players: 30 minute clinic

3-4 Players: 45 minute clinic

5-7 Players: 1 hour clinic

PGA Teaching Professionals

Chris Garrison

Bryce Poulin

Steve Yang

Clinics - Bryce Poulin

•  Sat, June 10 | 10:30am - Essentials of Effective Practice  

•  Tues, June 20 | 5:30pm - Full Swing - Drivers  

•  Tues, July 18 | 12:00pm - Reading Greens & Putting  

•  Wed, July 19 | 7:30am - Chipping Distance Control  

•  Wed, Aug 16 | 7:30am - Proper Warm-up/Stretching  

•  Wed, Aug 23 | 5:30pm - Shortgame Games | 2 Person Teams  

•  Fri, Sept 1 | 5:30pm - Recovery Shots in Golf  

•  Tues, Sept 19 | 5:30pm - Mental Game ~Proper Thinking~  

Clinics - Chris Garrison

Clinics TBA

Clinics - Steve Yang

•  Sat, June 3 | 3:00pm - Finding Your Swing  

•  Thurs, June 15 | 10:00am - Distance Control  

•  Mon, June 26 | 1:00pm - Gaining Power in Your Swing  

•  Thurs, July 13 | 12:00pm - Shot Preparation  

•  Sat, July 29 | 2:00pm - Short Game & Approach  

•  Mon, August 7 | 2:00pm - Shot Shaping  

Questions on Adult Programs?


Chris Garrison, PGA

Bryce Poulin PGA, Apprentice

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