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Adult Golf Programs

at Camas Meadows

Our Adult Golf Programs offer a variety of classes whether you are just learning to golf, looking to sharpen your overall game, or finally beat your personal best — we have a golf program for you!


Golf Programs for all experience levels and goals! See below for our current programs offerings:


New To Golf – Beginner Class

Putt Like a Pro – Program

1.5 Hour Flex Clinics

Scoring Zone: Lower Your Scores ASAP

Program Questions? Email: Bryce.Poulin@CamasMeadows.com

Ladies | Get Golf Ready I


Ladies – Get Golf Ready is your perfect start to give golf a try! 3 weeks covers full swing, short game and an introduction to on-course play! Fun, casual and social! Let us give you a great start into the game of golf! 


  • “I want to have fun and give golf a try!”
  • “I used to play and want to give golf another try!”
  • “I’m looking to meet other Ladies who are starting or reentering the game”
  • Price: $90/120 (3wk/4wk class)

2020 Schedule



  • 7/7-7/21 | Tues. at 5:00  REGISTER
  • 8/4 – 8/25 | Tues. at 5:00pm REGISTER
  • September & October Class Dates – Coming Soon (Tuesday Evenings)

Ladies | Get Golf Ready II 


Ladies – Get Golf Ready II  is a training program using the building blocks learned in Get Golf Ready.  It’s a fun, casual and social way to develop skills for the course.  We will utilize games, challenges, competitions and more to make the most of practice time.


  • “I’ve attended Get Golf Ready and want to keep going.”

  • “I’d like to experience a very productive practice session.”

  • Price: $129 

2020 Schedule


    • 7/7-7/21 | Tues. at 6:00 REGISTER
    • 8/4 – 8/25 | Tues. at 6:00pm REGISTER
    • September & October Class Dates – Coming Soon (Tuesday Evenings)

New to Golf  |  Co-Ed


Designed for New Golfers! This 3 week program is made to welcome you to the wonderful game of golf — though starting golf can be intimidating. This class aims to teach you about the following areas: areas of a golf facility, club purchases and recommendations for starting sets, how to book a tee-time, golf range and course etiquette, golf vocabulary and layman’s terms, and a simple introduction of basic fundamentals of the game (eg. grip, stance, posture). This is a game of a lifetime…we look forward to welcoming you to it!

  • Brand New Golfers, Very Beginner Golfers
  • Co-Ed
  • Three, 1-hour Classes
  • Location: Driving Range and Practice Area
  • Price: TBA


2020 Schedule


Starting in August 2020!

Dates Coming Soon!



Play. Better. Golf!


Play. Better. Golf. is your perfect place to simply…play better golf. This program provides a combination of range based activities with on-course training to improve “play”. We have a plan to learn, to train, and ultimately to improve your game! With Bryce Poulin, PGA.



  • Co-Ed
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • 4 Weeks | 1 Hour Per Week
  • Pillars of Learning: Full Swing, Putting, Chipping, Purposeful Practice + On-Course Skills
  • Price: $129



  • “I want to improve my game”
  • “I want to learn how to train and practice with purpose”
  • “I want to play better on the course”


2020 Schedule


  • 6/24 – 7/15  |  Wednesday at 5:30-6:30pm  REGISTER
  • August Class: Coming Soon
  • 9/9 – 9/30  |  Wednesday at 6:00-7:00pm  REGISTER
  • 10/21 – 11/11  |  Wednesday at 5:30-6:30pm  REGISTER
  • Fall and Winter Classes: Coming Soon!



SCORING ZONE: Lower Your Scores – ASAP


New in 2020: SCORING ZONE – Lower Your Scores ASAP program. A four-week program aimed to improve your scores from 80 yards & in. The “Scoring Zone” is misunderstood by many golfers for how it impacts your total score. This class will teach you the importance of the Scoring Zone, and help you build fundamental skills from 80-yards and closer — which leads to LOWERING YOUR SCORES ASAP. 


  • Co-Ed (Skill Level: Intermediate and above) 
  • Not a Beginner Class
  • Qty 4 – 1 hour classes
  • Location: Driving Range and Shortgame Area
  • Price: $160
  • Note: Must have at least 3 golfers in the class to run.

2020 Schedule

  • 8/4 – 8/25 | Tues. at 12:00-1:00pm  REGISTER
  • More Classes…Coming Soon!

Putt Like A Pro 


The old phrase “drive for show…putt for dough” is not far off. This 4 week putting-only program will simply…lower your score. For many golfers putting is the least practiced skill, yet the easiest to change to immediately see scoring improvement. Even for higher-skilled players, putting is the difference between a good and “great” day. This class focuses on: fundamental putting techniques, specific practice drills and routines, knowledge of realistic putting goals, and how to produce “feel” in your putting game. If you want to score lower, see you on the putting green!

  • Co-Ed (Skill Level: Intermediate and above) 
  • Not a Pure Beginner Class
  • Qty 4 – 1 hour classes
  • Location: Main Putting Green (clubhouse side)
  • Price: TBA

2020 Schedule


Starting in early Fall!



Flex Clinics – 1.5 Hour Lessons For The Busy Golfer


Hard to commit to a multi-week class, but want to improve your game? Take a 1.5 Hour Clinic when you want & in the golf-topic you are most interested in developing. Getting better is the goal, no matter how much time you have to dedicate to your game. 

  • Co-Ed 
  • All experience levels welcome
  • 1.5 Hour Per Clinic
  • Location: Depends on Class Topic
  • Price: TBA
  • Note: Must have at least 3 golfers in each clinic session to run.


2020 Schedule


Coming Soon!



Teaching Professionals  | 

Camas Meadows GC



Bryce Poulin, PGA

Director of Player Development  |  PGA Teaching Professional

“My goal is not to teach you just golf. My goal and job is to teach you to how to play golf, enjoy golf more, and improve your performance on the golf course.”

Awards + Achievements 

  • 2018 Pacific Northwest Section PGA | Player Development Award
  • 2018 Oregon Chapter PGA | Player Development Award
  • 2017 Oregon Chapter PGA | Youth Player Development Award
  • PGA Class A Member | PGA of America ~ March 2017

Abby Kadrmas

Ladies Program Instructor

Abby grew up in Vancouver, WA in a family of golfers. She learned how to play golf from my parents and grandparents, but did not truly find my love for the game until she started playing competitively in High School and met other girls her age that also enjoyed golf! Abby continued her golf career at the collegiate level and played 4 years of Division-1 golf at Idaho State University, while working in the Pro Shop at Camas Meadows on her summer breaks. After graduating, Abby accepted a position as an Assistant Golf Professional at Camas Meadows where she helped teach both junior and women’s golf classes. Since then, Abby has pursued another career path but has not lost her love for the game and excitement to share her passion and experience with aspiring golfers!